Business Intelligence tool for Tally

Business Intelligence (BI tool) – One click analysis

Dashboard that  improves your business health 

– BI tool Dashboards Customizes as per Your Business.
– Complete visibility of your business at a click!
– Get 360° Solution to your Business Dilemmas and a lot more!

BI tool dashboard

Does My Business need a BI tool?

Do you want to…


Do More in Less Time?

– Get Ready Analytics on the
go without any efforts.

We understand your Time is Precious


Increase Working Capital?

– Automate Stock and Receivables Reminders
– Get Quicker turnaround of Inventory and Faster Payment Collection

Bring Automation, Increase Efficiency


Empower Your Team?

– Give Role based access
– Everyone can get Insights based on their Roles & Rights

Get the Power of Insights without exposing the whole data!


Increase Sales by Cross-Sell and Upsell?

– Maximize the potential of
existing customers
– Get Ready list of customers
to whom you can sell more products

Cost of Acquiring new customers is more costlier than retaining.

Integrates with Tally, SAP B1, SQL Based ERPs.

Add Super Power to your ERP with the BI tool!

Business intelligence dashboard
Performance Review Like Never Before

Analyze your metrics and improve your Profit.

Scheduler for Follow-ups

From Sales to Payment, automate follow-ups.

Interactive Dashboards

It is easy for anyone to play with their data.

Snap View

Macro and Micro Views of the key performance indicators of your overall business.

– All Key Metrics on One Page
– Performance in each variable linked to other
variable at a click.

For eg. Brand Wise-Sales Person Wise Segment Wise interlinked charts.

– Past performance, current situation and projection in summarized way.

Item View

Control Centre for your Inventoryrelated Insights.

– Material Movement Analysis of your inventory
– Items which are not moving in last few days but high in stock
– Brand/Category Ageing stock with their last sales details.

Map View

Bird’s Eye View of Sales Performance on an interactive map

– Performance in a territory up to Pincode level
– Billed, Unbilled, Inactive & Lost customers
list of any product or a group.
– Comparison of any 2 territory
territories at a click.

Trend View

Follow Trends & Drive Hidden Opportunities

– Check Business Trend on Month /
Year – on -Year / Quarter – on – Quarter basis for every element.
– Compare Trend for Target v/s Achievement, Sales v/s Bank Receipt, Average Item Count, etc.

We’re Fanatical about your Success

How Business intelligence tool helps you Save Money


Increase in sales


Bettter Stock Turnaround Days


Better Average Payment Collection Days [APCD]


Decisions are now Data Driven

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